Workshop Packets

Under Construction

Check back in May 2018

Here are the Workshop Packets: Startpracticing this weekend.

Please understand that some of the music in the packets may be too difficult for some students. Do NOT stress over this! Play only the music you feelconfident in playing. You willbe able to handle more of the music as we rehearse during the week.

Elementary students and middle school students who do not take private instruction, download theIntermediate Packet.

College, High School, and experienced Middle School players,download the Advanced Packet.

Put your music in a thin 3 ring binder. (Why thin? So the binder will lay flat on the music stand).

The packets are set up like BOOKLETS. You can download them, (front and back), and the pages will line up side by side. Do not skip pages because they will not line up correctly.

Pleasefollow the directions:

Robert Peterson 2014